Antologías y propuestas para una Educación Alternativa

Las secciones VII y XXII de la CNTE han elaborado una “Antología de Educación Alternativa”, el “Taller Estatal de Educación Alternativa 2014-2015” y también se presentan unas “Propuestas para la Transformación Educativa” del Ing. Manuel Pérez Rocha dirigido a los maestros, estudiantes y padres de familia para la construcción de procesos formativos de los colectivos docentes desde su cotidianidad, y caminar para que nuestros pasos se junten en espacios de protesta, de lucha, y en escenarios de construcción pedagógica que apunten hacia la transformación educativa del país.

Educación Alternativa

Hace unos días se realizó una reunión muy importante que ha sido parteaguas en la historia de los últimos años de la Educación en México. Maestros de todo el país fueron convocados a decir su palabra sobre la educación que necesitan nuestros niños para enfrentar los ominosos tiempos que corren. Conocedores a profundidad de la problemática, experimentados profesionales de una práctica fundamental para todos los sujetos. dialogaron para buscar juntos soluciones. Llegaron a acuerdos. Produjeron propuestas educativas valiosas. Se comprometieron a llevarlas a cabo. Están en el camino de la emancipación e invitan a sus alumnos y a los padres de sus alumnos a seguirlos, a trabajar juntos. Este es un espacio posible parea crear y difundir ese trabajo.

Musically highlighted factor with no shedding many of Time

Unless you live with a teen, you’ve probably not at all heard about Musical. Ly. Should you, then you’ve probably presently looked in another of the body’s kid’s songs films. Either a DIY music-video app first looked at the scene on 2014, but then exploded through to the top of either a App wall socket charts final summer. Information technology has not lower in under the very best 40 as. All the time, it’s often swapping higher spots from your app wall socket with Snapchat only to Instagram. Either a 15-second films are normally persons lip-syncing or dancing through to a few of the higher hits. Not long ago, Musical. Ly stars possess begun releasing his / her private roles, only to traditional songs stars, desire Jason DeRulo, are now pledging through to debut his / her films at the software first, an integrated coup in excess of YouTube. This morning, in excess of ten mil persons use the app day to day only to compose for the same selection of films every single period. All on, 70 mil individuals have registered as Musical. Ly persons, expresses its cofounder only to co-CEO Alex Zhu. While the songs films possess drawn people to either a app, Zhu understands that is not what i mean they stay. He is placing Musical. Ly for being the next sociable marketing ? 1 depending on films that this per se entertain persons only to leave them coming back. “Today either a proposition of a app is not on the subject of placing songs films. It?s don’t you on the subject of lip-syncing. It?s about a sociable marketing,” Zhu said. “It?s an integrated neighborhood. Persons desire to settle as you will find other people. “

‘Doomed to be always a failure’

The thought for any make-your-own-music-video app was an integrated desperate pivot out musically hearts on that an showing app. Zhu have been believing showing during the course of his period such as a task employer on enterprise software giant SAP, smooth winning either a title of “education futurist. ” He consideration massive over the internet courses, also referred to as MOOCs, were of interest, but then no-one halted them. On 2014, he consideration he’d think up an integrated billion-dollar idea: short-form showing films. Zhu only to his cofounder only to co-CEO Louis Yang brought up $250,000 out on venture capitalists only to invested half a year placing that an app referred to as Cicada. The thought was that this executives, if ever so you can get espresso or calculus, can often exhibit brief three- through to five-minute films explaining a topic. But then which one reason you’ve not at all heard about information technology right before. “The period we submitted the age software through to the marketplace we knew it was not at all planning to devastation,” Zhu said. “It was doomed for being a failure. “

It was doomed for being a failure. His league arrived missed that this either a films took too much time to design. Lesson planners arrived a difficult period condensing his / her perception down into three minutes. Article creation only to intake needed to be here in times only to secs, don’t you hours. Information technology wasn’t entertaining, only to information technology didn’t take a flight teens. At that time, Zhu’s league per se arrived 8% of its funds keeping, he expresses. In place of offering information technology back to investors only to going for walks apart, they scrambled through to think up a fresh point of view. ‘We arrived lucky’

Found out Musical. Ly this morning only to there is absolutely no trace of its failed-education-app origins. Either a 15-second films are long enough through to drag an integrated giggle only to exhibit a story, but not too much time that this teens take a flight bored only to move onto the next 1. It’s often a number of different teenage men thumping his / her chests through to an integrated song, through to gymnastics routines add through to songs, through to performing apart funny lyrics out on songs. Zhu first arrived on the thought the minute he watched a number of boisterous young teens at the exhibit on Mountain sight, in cases where Google is based. Half of a teens were hearing songs while the husband or wife took selfies or films, protected them on stickers, only to distributed the results to their friends. That is the minute Zhu knew he can often add songs, films, in addition to a sociable marketing through to take a flight either a early-teen demographic. Either a league turned Zhu’s refreshing point of view down into that an app on 30 days, only to submitted Musical. Ly on July 2014. Abruptly, they found out either a numbers were of interest. On the subject of 500 individuals were downloading information technology each day, but then more importantly, they saved coming back.